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From our employees

From Kusubashi employees

Shinpei Kuroda
  • My name is Shinpei Kuroda and I am part of a team that works to create both our OEM products and our own original line.
  • When I passed the Towel Sommelier Examination last year I felt a great sense of pride and accomplishment, which has given me new confidence in my work.
  • I would like to make towels that focus on the kind of design and function that will satisfy all Kusubashi customers.
  • Shinpei Kuroda
  • Design Team / OEM Team

Shinji Nishiyama
  • My name is Shinji Nishiyama and I am in charge of a project for merchandise development.
  • I am always thinking about what kind of yarn or which color is good for a product.
  • My coworkers are all friendly, interesting people who really care about customer satisfaction.
  • We want to make towels that people love and are comfortable to use for everyone, every day.

Yuko Kawakami
  • My job is to ship orders and deliver samples, as well as make sure that production is always running smoothly. Recently, I've been quite busy because there have been a number orders with short deadlines.
  • There are also quite a few customers who say, "Kusubashi towels really are quality products aren't, they." So, it's really nice that the company is getting such good feedback. I think I'll have to keep doing my best so we keep our customers happy!

Gao Lian Hua
  • I am work in Kusubashi Mon-Ori Co.,Ltd.
  • I am engaged in product plainning and development.
    My business is connected with all processes to manufacture original towels.
  • I have studied each process to manufacture the towel from yarn,however I am still young and inexperienced,and begin to understand the structure and the device.
  • My leader helps with my growth and respects my independence from this August,therefore I am very happy and satisfied in our daily creative work.
  • I want to develop the products that many people are pleased,with broad outlook and without my preference.
  • In daily life,in order to make a little happiness,I make an effort in the development of comfortable towel.
  • Gao Lian Hua

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